13 May 2008

Delerium feat. Kristy Thirsk (Carling Academy, Islington) 08/05/08

Anna and I went to a very rare gig by Canadian band Delerium, in fact - their first ever in London! Sadly, this conflicted with a Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds gig for which I already had tickets. But it was worth the sacrifice, as the band effortlessly recreated a number of their most powerful songs from a diverse back catalogue including dark ethereal ambient, voiceless industrial soundscapes, and electronic pop music.

Delerium have worked with a wide range of guest vocalists, so I was curious to know how they'd handle this on stage. Long-time collaborator Kristy Thirsk was front and center, and did a terrific job of adapting these other songs to her own style. She was also a commanding presence, stomping around the stage in some kind of sexy Wonder Woman-inspired costume.

As usual, our camera is performing under par when it comes to concert photos, but here's a few all the same. Unfortunately I don't have any decent photos of Bill Leeb, the brains behind Delerium, as he was kind of hidden behind the bassist. What can you do?

After All
Terra Firma
Forgotten Worlds
Self Saboteur
The Way You Want It To Be
Flowers become Screens

Lost And Found

As if an awesome set wasn't enough, Kristy came out to the merchandising area after the gig and did some signings. What a legend!

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Danish said...

Europe Delerium Tour was great!
I went to an Prague concert! Awesome