18 March 2008

Madame Tussaud's

I'm sure these all speak for themselves, but just in case...

Kate Moss:

Nicole Kidman:

Vincent Vega... I mean, John Travolta:

Me and Samuel L. Jackson have a disagreement:

Mel Gibson is the devil...

Does Sarah Michelle Geller ever smile?

Can't get past Jonah Lomu...

Anna schmoozes with the Princes...

Moving in literary circles with Oscar Wilde...

...and Will Shakespeare. I'm suggesting he rephrases Hamlet's "To do, or not to do..." soliloquy:

Me and MC Hawking:

Vincent Van Gogh:

The Ruttles:

I'm pleased to say, Christina Aguilera's are real!

Kylie Minogue:

Robbie Williams:




Me and Marilyn share a good joke...

At least I'm not the only one who chews his nails...

The Black Books shop

12 March 2008

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (HMV, Oxford Street) 03/03/08

James Chapman let me know that Nick Cave was playing an in-store gig at HMV, Oxford Street - just up the road from my work! This was the first time the band has played a gig like this. I wasn't sure whether to go - I was still tired from flying back to the UK, and to get in, one had to queue up first thing in the morning to get an entry bracelet for the gig that night. Nonetheless I found myself up early, and thought I'd try my luck. Success! Not too many people in the queue yet:

And it was well worth it. The band played a series of tracks from their new album - out that day - and they were all instantly accessible and a lot of fun. The band even did a signing afterwards, though the organisation was quite chaotic.

Dig!!!, Lazarus, Dig!!!
Midnight Man
We Call Upon The Author
Night Of the Lotus Eaters
Lie Down Here (And Be My Girl)
More News From Nowhere
Accidents Will Happen

Birthday drinks at the Lord Stanley

I had a pretty lengthy birthday this year. After starting celebrations a little before my actual birthday, then crossing several time zones during the my birthday, Anna then surprised me with a birthday dinner at the local pub on our return to London. She'd managed to email most the people we know here, and lots of them came along!

It was a really lovely night, but unfortunately I had to spend half of it going and back and forth between the pub and home, because we had someone in to try and fix our hot water supply (which was off, along with our power, when we arried - the last thing you need after 36 hours on an airplane!). I even sneaked my dinner away from the pub and ate it at home!

All the same, it was lovely to see everyone and sink a couple of pints...

Farewell New Zealand!

And before you know it, it's time to leave again. But not before having a nice combined farewell/birthday party :)

Mmm, Mum's famous banana cake...

New Zealand - Chilling

It's always difficult squeezing in all the people we need to see when we go back home, and no visit would be complete without wearing a Squeak hat:

Deb and Jo came over to Mum and Dad's to open their wedding pressies...

Had dinner with Jaimz and Bex and got to meet Gabriel for the first time!

New Zealand - Visiting the Beaumonts

Popped over to Anne and David's for brekky, and played horse-knee with Jade, who just gets cuter every year...

Drove up to Orewa to pay a visit to Jenny and Malcolm (and Toby, of course).

There's always some kind of frightful prop at Jenny's place for everyone to take turns wearing :)

Allen and I went for a quick bush walk in the always-lovely Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve.