15 December 2010

Haw Par Villa (AKA The Tiger Balm Gardens)

Haw Par Villa is a Chinese mythological theme park, originally called "Tiger Balm Gardens", and built in 1937 by the developers of Tiger Balm. The park contains over 1,000 statues and 150 giant dioramas depicting scenes from Chinese folklore, legends, history and illustrations of various aspects of Confucianism. The most well-known attraction is the Ten Courts of Hell, with gruesome depictions of hell in Chinese mythology, all set in a 60 meter-long trail of a Dragon...

Laughing Buddha:

Anna and I (Horse and Goat) are apparently not well-matched :(

Your guess is as good as mine:



Tiger Balm car:

The entrance to Hell:

Random sights of S'pore

The old Malaysia train terminal, with its Art Nouveau statues and tiles:

Chinese business embassy:

Raffles Hotel (we'll be back for a Singapore Sling):

Monkey Magic!

Sultan Mosque (Masjid Sultan):

Yahoo! Food Olympics

One of my promotional posters (that's the big boss chowing down on Buffalo wings):

Me in Yahoo!-purple suit:

Anna as honorary Yahoo!:

Our branded cupcakes:

Fort Canning

An archaeological dig site:

Believed to be the tomb of Iskandar Shah, a King of Temasek:


Inside "The Battle Box":

Chinese temple rises and disappears in my backyard